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Sample Vermont Real Estate Agent License

Vermont Real Estate License

If you are interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent in the state of Vermont, then you should definitely obtain a Vermont real estate license.

In the first place, you will need to do your research to see the licensing requirements. We value your time and have already done the research to keep your involvement in the process to a minimum.

How do I get my real estate license in Vermont?

In the state of Vermont, you must be at least 18 years old and a US resident/lawfully admitted alien to start the real estate licensing process. Not to forget about having a high school diploma (or its equivalent), which is also a major prerequisite for licensure.

Complete pre-licensing education

On the way of licensure, obtaining education is the very first step. Thus, you must complete 40 hours of approved pre-licensing education to be eligible for the state exam.

In Vermont, there are many approved and qualified available classes, which offer high passing rates on your first attempt. Hence, you can find the courses by simply searching them on the Internet.

It might be helpful to know that you can take the classes both in classroom (traditional way) or online. The latter has become more preferable among applicants, as they can combine their jobs and studies.

Either way, the choice is up to you as long as you effectively master the educational material and feel confident to take the exam.

Take the Vermont real estate license exam

The second step of licensure is taking and passing the state licensing exam. You can go through this link and register for the exam. It will cost you $110 per attempt.

For the exam, you will need to bring two forms of current and legit identification, which have your signature and photo on them. You must also bring your confirmation number, which you received during exam reservation.

In case you need it, you can also bring a basic calculator but not more. Remember that the testing facility will not let you bring personal items with you to the testing room, including cellphone, access to Internet or helping notes.

The exam comprises of 136 questions (national and state-specific questions).

You will have four hours to answer to those questions, which cover the following topics:

  • Agency Relationships and Contracts
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Finance
  • Real Estate Property
  • Marketing Regulations
  • Property Management
  • Calculations
  • Licensure
  • Regulations Governing the Industry
  • Related Laws
  • Broker Topics

Submit application

The final step is to submit the license application here and pay the $50 application fee. Do not forget to include the following paperwork:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Completed employment/supervision form (your sponsoring broker must complete the verification)
  • Scores of the state licensing examination

Note that you can apply for the real estate license within one calendar year of passing the exam.

Contact Information

Vermont Real Estate Commission
89 Main St., 3rd Floor
Montpelier, VT 05620-3402
Phone: (802) 828-3228

Do you need a real estate license to be an agent in Vermont?

To work in licensed agencies and legally sell or negotiate real estate property, you must get a state license. A lot goes into a real estate transaction and rules/regulations and a license ensures that you know all of these things.

Furthermore, buying real estate is an important purchase to make and clients give preference to licensed agents.

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