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Sample Vermont Banned License Plates

Vermont Banned License Plates

Recently we have been doing some research on Vermont Banned License Plates. In reality, we wanted to find out the main reasons why they get banned so frequently. That is why, if you are currently in the state and need some detailed information on vanity numbers, continue reading. If you need to register your vehicle number, or if you have received a rejection on your request, this article is what you need to stay up to date.

What are vanity plates?

In particular, vanity plates are a great solution on how to make your vehicle special. These are combinations of letters and numbers that may have unique meanings. Like the other states (read our articles about Montana or New York state banned patterns), Vermont accepts different kinds of licenses, including specialty personalized patterns. In fact, the state is in charge of generating rules for licenses. In detail, the Department of Motor Division is the body that administers all requests, accepts applications or rejects them, and makes the plates.

Why are there so many banned license plates in Vermont?

Recently, some citizens have been requesting personalized licenses with offensive meanings. In addition, there are a few rules you need to have in your mind when applying for a license. Here they are:

  • Only two numbers you can use in your combinations for a vehicle number,
  • The letter “O” will be considered a zero – “0” by the DMV,
  • Special characters are not acceptable for the DMV: you cannot use a comma, dots, dashes, etc.,
  • You cannot start with the letter “Z”,
  • Your combination can be only one letter, but not an “I”, “Z”, “O”, “J”,
  • Only seven characters are acceptable to be in your combination,
  • Small case “c” must not be the first or the last character.

What are common causes for the vehicle number ban?

As shown above, the DMV has strict rules about pattern meanings. It means that your vehicle number cannot have sexual connotations. Moreover, they must not contain any meaning of genitalia, excretory acts. They cannot encourage, suggest or promote illegal acts, drugs, or alcohol. In addition to these guidelines, note that your combinations should not be vulgar, derogatory, profane.

It must not offend any political views, a group of people, or anything that refers to sexual orientation, race, nation, religion, etc. Also, keep in mind that your combination must not lead people or police to misunderstanding. Note that you must not choose words that will indicate you are a government representative or something like that.

How much are personalized plates?

In general, a personalized license costs $45. This fee is one-time, but after that, you will need to pay an annual renewal fee.

What are examples of banned license plates in Vermont?

Below, you can find some combinations that have been rejected by the DMV. Make sure yours do not look like these:

  • 1PEN1S
  • 1SUX
  • 1UPSY
  • 1ZUCK
  • 20FKND
  • 22SEXY
  • 24SUKX
  • 2B1CHY
  • 2B1G4U
  • 2B1GFU
  • 2B1THS1
  • 2B2TZP

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