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Vermont Contractor License Classification

If you want to work as a contractor in the State of Vermont, then you should get a license. In Vermont, there are many different classifications and subclassifications for contractors. There are also levels for each classification, which depends on your knowledge, skills, and experience.

The number of contractors who obtain a license in Vermont grows every year. Of course, that’s pretty logical, as contractors with licenses usually have a lot higher income than the specialists without licenses. Obviously, all your future clients and your partners will be respectful of your knowledge and profession. Besides, clients usually feel a lot more protected when they deal with contractors who have a license. It is normal as anything can happen during your work – accidents, damages, unfinished work, etc.

As for the contractor license classifications, we have gathered almost all types of contractor licenses in the State of Vermont. Actually, not every profession requires a state license for the contractor. In the State of Vermont, there is no one licensing board for all professions, but in fact, each profession has its board. Here we will list the contractor licenses and their classifications in the State of Vermont and describe them in a few words. This will help you to have a better understanding of contractor licensing in Vermont.

Electrical License

Obviously, you can’t practice as an electrician in Vermont if you don’t have an electrical license. You can apply for four different levels (we can call them classifications) – which one you will choose depends only on your knowledge and experience.

Electrical License is issued by the Division of Fire Safety. Here are the contacts:

Division of Fire Safety; Licensing
1311 US Route 302 – Suite 600
Barre, VT 05641
[email protected]

Apprentice Electrician

An Apprentice Electrician, in brief, has a license to perform electrical work with the guidance of a Master electrician or a Journeyman electrician.

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman, in fact, is a specialist who works under the general supervision of the Master electrician.

In addition, the fee for a three-year term is $115, the certificate fee is $10, and $65 you will pay for the exam.

Master Electrician

This electrician, briefly, can install, maintain, change or extend the wiring system and the equipment used in any kind of structure – house, building, property, etc.

You will have to pay $150 for a three-year term and an additional $10 for the certificate.

Specialist Electrician contractor license

The fee is $115 for all three years and $10 for the certificate. Find the classifications of Specialist electrician license below:

  • A1. Automatic Gas and Oil Heating contractor license
  • B2. Outdoor Advertising contractor license
  • C3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning contractor license
  • D4. Appliance and Motor Repairs contractor license
  • E5. Well Pumps
  • F6. Farm Equipment
  • G7c. Commercial Fire Alarms
  • G7g. Gas Pumps/Bulk Plants
  • G7k. Electrical Locksmith
  • G8l. Lightning Rod Installer license
  • G7s. Solar Panel Installer license

Plumbing contractor license in Vermont

A plumber, in brief, is a specialist who changes or repairs the apparatus (like pipes and fittings) of heating systems, sanitation, or water supply in any kind of buildings.

In short, to work as a plumber in the State of Vermont, one must get a license. There are four phases that we can call levels of plumbing license. Here are they:

  • Apprenticeship. In fact, you can easily get an apprentice plumbing contractor license in Vermont if you have a GED certificate or a high school diploma. The fee is not fixed for an apprenticeship license.
  • Journeyman Plumbers. You can get a journeyman license if you have completed an apprenticeship from an accredited program and have documents proving it. Besides, you can also have 12,000 hours of experience to apply for a journeyman plumber license. The fee for this license is $90, which is valid for two years, plus an additional $10 certification fee and an examination fee which is $64.
  • The third is the Master plumber contractor license. You can become a licensed master plumber in Vermont if you have one year of experience as a journeyman plumber. Moreover, you can also have at least 14,000 hours of experience which can be accepted by the board. The fee for a Master plumber license is $120, which is for two years. Additionally, you pay $10 for the certification fee and the exam will cost you $65.

Specialist plumber contractor license

There are also Specialist plumber licenses in the State of Vermont. This one has only a few subclassifications:

  • Water heater plumbers and Heating system plumbers
  • Water treatment plumbers

Elevators and Conveyances Contractor License

According to the legislation of the State of Vermont, a contractor that is specialized in elevators and conveyances must have a license to be able to perform work in Vermont. Elevator and conveyances contractors usually install, change, maintain, design and repair. This type of license also has a few subclassifications, that are:

Elevator mechanic contractor license

This requires an educational background and a certificate in a related field and at least four years of experience. The fee for this license is $75.

Lift mechanic contractor license

This license requires completed education and a certificate in a related field as well. Moreover, the experience must be at least two years. You will pay $50 for a Lift mechanic license.

Elevator inspector license

Obviously, this license is a little bit harder to get, as you will need a combination of proven work experience of four years and education in the related field. The license will cost you $150.

Boilers and Pressure Vessels Inspectors

In fact, you don’t have to get a license to become a Boilers and Pressure vessels inspector. Instead of a license, the state of Vermont requires a certification from a state commission.

In addition, there are also other types of contractors that don’t need a license but need a certification instead.

Oil Burner Installers

These professionals, in fact, must obtain a certification instead of a license. They are mainly responsible for repairing, maintaining, installing, and inspecting oil-burning equipment and apparatus.
Finally, to apply for the certification you must pay a $60 fee, after which you will get a certificate for three years.

I3 & I4 Sprinkler System Designers

In short, sprinkler system designers usually repair, maintain, install fire sprinkler systems. This profession also doesn’t require a state license, but you will need to get a certification from an accredited organization.
Besides, the application fee for this certification is $150, which will be valid for three years.

Fire Alarm Systems Inspectors

In short, these specialists are testing and inspecting the fire alarm systems. To get this certification for three years, you will have to pay a fee of $90.

Chimney Sweep

In short, these professionals inspect, maintain, clean, and change the chimneys. As for the fee, you have to pay $30 for the application which is valid for three years.

Emergency Generators Installation

In short, Emergency generators installation contractors are responsible for the installation, testing, maintenance, repair of emergency generators.
In addition, to get a certification of emergency generators installation, you will pay a $30 application fee for three years.

Domestic Fire Sprinkler

In fact, Domestic Fire Sprinklers inspect, maintain, install and repair the fire sprinkler systems. The fee is $60 for the certification application. The certificate will be valid for three years.

In addition, whatever you apply for, remember that all cities and towns have their regulations and laws as well. Thus, each time you need information on licenses and certifications, make sure to check all the requirements on a state and city/town level.

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